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Diving is like a dream, where you feel like you can fly. Under the surface you will discover a completely different world, one that many of us have never experienced.

Weightlessly moving in the universe of the Seas and Oceans, getting to know the water world and its residents is what makes diving one of the most amazing hobbies.

Water is your element, but you don’t know if you feel comfortable under water? Just give it a try. With our try dives you are very safe. A short theory brief and a try dive in the pool and you will know if there is a diver hiding in you!

Learning to dive with us is fun from the start. Due to our perfect location, right in the harbour, we have direct access to our boats. We can reach all the fascinating dive sites in the area easily and after only a short boat ride.

The underwater world of Fuerteventura, with its bizarre rock formations and abundance of fish, means that every dive is an adventure. We offer 18 dive sites with a depth of up to 40m

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING: From the age of 10 for those who have never dived before or for those who do not have a license. Every day at 10:00h & 14:30h (winter) and 15:30h (summer) approximately 2 hours. Price 85€ and reservation has to be done 2 days in advance.

DISCOVER BUBBLES Introduction course to diving for children from age 8 to 10. Every day at 13:30h approximately 2 hours. All participants will receive a certificate. Price 80€ and reservations has to be done 2 days in advance. free pictures are included and will be sent by email.